The dream of hanging gardens goes back to ancient times. The "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" was an elaborate garden project, which was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.  Myth or ethos of the early heyday of art and fantastic thinkers.


The flora of the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" offered shadow and cooling from the scorching heat of the desert, so they were described as a paradise in the desert.


Vertical Magic Garden, inspired by the artist Johannes Leitner, let people's dreams fly high again at the present time.


Awarded with the innovation prize of the Styrian economy, we are now present in many countries around the world.

We bring nature back into the urban space, by creating green islands of rest and refreshment. This creates ecological oases with air conditioned, air-purifying and sound insulating properties.


Follow us! Travel in a green future with our ideas.


Harald Eichhorn

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DI Katharina Tremmel

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Architectural Design

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Eva Robausch, BSc

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Vegetation Engineering, Design

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Martin Ritter | Adi Didovic

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(Martin Ritter)

Project Coordination

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Petr Spacil | Radomil Novak

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Representative Czech Republic

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VISION: Our goal is to increase well-being and motivation of the human being  by Green Walls and to create a healthy work-life balance in the cities of the future.
MATERIAL: A very light composite material in conjunction with high-tech allows us to green vertical and horizontal surfaces of any size in modular design.
GLOBAL: Green Walls counteract climate change ! The thermal effects (cooling / thermal insulation) improve the livability of our cities and the quality of life and living. Due to its resource-saving water requirements our Green Walls can be installed almost anywhere.
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Am ├ľkopark 15, 8230 Hartberg, Austria

Branch Office Vienna:

Gutheil Schoder Gasse 8-12, 1100 Vienna, Austria

T +43-664-88454183, Fax +43-3332-61113-89